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Ship Recycling

The world’s Ship Recycling industry is making continuous improvements in the safety of its workers and environmental protection. In 2009, the Hong Kong Convention was established by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This convention was aimed at forming an agreement, and a regulatory practice to improve the standards associated with the ship recycling industry. 


The EU has produced a similar regulatory requirement, adopting many of the Hong Kong regulations in 2013.  Similar in its primary aim, to improve the standards of health, safety and the environment, the EU Ship Recycling Regulations start with a fundamental requirement of producing a list of EU approved ship recycling facilities.  These facilities are designed to meet the highest of standards, that will comply with all sections of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EUSRR), offering safe, sustainable, and environmentally sound methods of ship recycling.


With the international gaze firmly focused on the Health and Safety of maritime workers, and the protection of the environment, shipowners and ship recycling facilities cannot afford to have the topic of hazardous materials mismanaged, and the requirement for competent specialists is considered by most to be mandatory.


Our Services

As a former partner to the European Commission establishing the audit and approval process for Ship Recycling Facilities, Lucion are a globally trusted provider. From hazardous materials identification, management, and consultancy through to health and safety risk management, our team has the resources and capabilities to deliver your project safely. 


Our team deliver specialist Ship Recycling services for vessels and facilities  including: